Kamut: indispensible foods for a low calorie diet

Its origin dates back to approximately 6000 years ago, during the era of Egyptian pyramids and the fertile valleys of Mesopotamia.  Unfortunately, since it is a grain which is quite difficult to cultivate, with the disappearance of the Egyptian culture it was abandoned and only rarely cultivated. Other varieties of grain where preferred for cultivation, with higher yields and better resistance to diseases.

It was only during the last century, between the 1930s and 1940s, that this fantastic grain was rediscovered. Even though the boom in purchasing Kamut foods occurred mainly starting in the 1970s, it was the American agriculturist and farmer Bob Quinn that began cultivating Kamut on a large scale. It was also Quinn who gave it the name “Kamut”, an ancient Egyptian word meaning “grain”.

Kamut’s Nutritional Qualities

Kamut has interesting nutritional characteristics, and in fact, when comparing it with other grains, it has elevated quantities of minerals. The conspicuous presence of Selenium is very important, a natural element with indispensible antioxidant qualities. Kamut has not only mineral salts, but is also characterized by a large lipid content, and therefore has significant energetic qualities for the body. It is said that the exceptional nature of this grain lies in its genetic make-up, which has remained unaltered over thousands of years.  In fact, Kamut has never been subjected to genetic manipulation, selection or varietal hybrids.

Even though the nutritional value that is most apparent is its protein content, 40% higher in respect to that of wheat, which makes Kamut an excellent food for low calorie diets

Why eat kamut?

Here are seven reasons to love Kamut:

  • Kamut comes from organic cultivations.
  • lKamut flour is HYPOALLERGENIC.
  • Kamut pizza is easy to DIGEST.
  • Kamut pizza has a high energetic value.
  • Kamut pizza is rich in selenium, an antioxidant.
  • Kamut pizza is ideal for those who play sports.
  • Kamut is not genetically modified.

Here is our pizza margherita kamut ®...