We are proud to present an innovation that is sure to be of interest for your business.

From September 2009 La Pizza + 1 is introducing its new range of organic pizzas, focaccias and bases for fresh pizzas.

The first products in the range are:

  • Base for White Pizza;
  • Base for Tomato Pizza;
  • Margherita Pizza;
  • Traditional Focaccia. 

The production of further goods may be arranged to cater for specific requests from clients.

Available formats, which at present are only rectangular, range from 60x40cm, ideal for the professional clientele, to 20x30cm, ideal for self-service.

Previews of our ORGANIC products may be seen at the:

- SANA Fair, Bologna, 10-13 Sept., at the BAC CAFFE PAV.22 , STAND B-57; C-58
- ANUGA Fair, Cologne, 10-14 Oct., HALL 10.1; STAND G-050B; G-050C

The increasing requests, both from our professional clientele and from the end users, have encouraged us to promote a new line of 100% ORGANIC products.

This line, that further enhances the nutritional qualities of our products, uses only Italian 100% extra virgin olive oil and Italian mozzarella. Quality and safety have always been our hallmark and now we are adding the genuineness of a line of products free from pesticides and synthetic chemical fertilizers, certified and guaranteed by one of the major Italian Organic Certification Bodies: Bioagricert.

Catering is the greatest growth sector among the La Pizza + 1 customers. As well as top quality, our products also offer an excellent service content that meets the needs of professional kitchens.
Our products turn Pizza Day, traditionally one of the most tiring days in the kitchens, into an extremely simple and straightforward day. Using our already topped pizzas or the white or red bases, kitchens can immediately eliminate all the most exacting processing stages in terms of fatigue (preparation of ingredients and kneading) and time (rising). By spending just a few minutes on the topping and another few minutes on the cooking, fresh and fragrant pizzas can be served to large numbers of diners. Many of the main Italian catering companies are our faithful customers. The formats that are most suitable for this channel are the 60x40 and the 30x40 cm (sizes between 550 and 1200 g). The most popular products in this context are the white base and the tomato base, although the Margherita pizza is also popular in many kitchens.

Quality of our Raw Materials and Processes
Catering professionals are facing an increasingly demanding clientele, for whom quality and food safety standards are an unequivocal prerequisite. La Pizza +1 uses only high quality ingredients, with high nutritional levels. For instance, the only fat we use in our products is extra virgin olive oil. We only use mozzarella, avoiding substitutes based on processed cheeses. Our suppliers are continuously tested and evaluated, so that the quality of the products that we buy is constantly improving. The quality of our processing is proved by the ISO 9001 certification, which the Company was awarded in 2001.

Food Safety
The Company is also certified ISO 22000, BRC and IFS (both at the highest level). The environment of the processing areas is constantly monitored: a computer manages and continuously records the room temperature and humidity. The air in this area is filtered with a system that removes over 95% of particles. The rooms are pressurised, allowing clean air to exit, but not external air to enter. This also stops flying insects entering the rooms.

Short Food Supply Chain
The modern world is making food more and more anonymous and standardised. But we promote a short supply chain, based on local products.
The tomato passata that we use is produced a few kilometres away from our factory with tomatoes grown only in Italian fields. The flour is made at mills in our local areas, and is made from Italian grains, enriched with the finest European grains. Our meat-based products are sourced from Italian producers; the vegetables for the fillings are grown exclusively in Italy. All these products are managed with a certified traceability system (UNI 22005), which allows our clients to trace with assurance all the raw materials used in the product they are buying.