The longest pizza in the world by La Pizza +1

Attempt during "World Tomato Week" along the Decumano – It will be 1,500 metres long and will weigh 5 tonnes - Teamwork between LA PIZZA +1 from Piacenza and NIP, Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli based in Forlì.

Bring back the record for the world's longest pizza to Italy. This is the aim of the "World Tomato Week" Association which, for one week, will be bringing red gold to the centre of attention at the EXPO 2015. A record attempt which would leave many people shaking in their shoes, but not LA PIZZA +1, the company from Piacenza which specialises in the production of fresh pan pizzas for large-scale retail and the hospitality sector, and NIP (Nazionale Italiana Pizzaioli) from Forlì, the team of pizza chefs who will have the task of making the pizza along the Decumano at the EXPO.

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