Conquered the Guinness World Record for the longest pizza in the world!

Last Saturday, June 20th, inside the Universal Exhibition Expo Milano 2015, with the help of a staff of over 200 people, we have officially conquered the record proclaimed by Guinness World Records.

Thanks to our pizza (1595.45 meters long, 5 tons weighs, all in a single pan and without any interruption) Italy is back in possession of the record for the longest pizza in the world surpassing the previous official record that belonged to Spain (1141.5 meters).
Immediately after the proclamation of the official Guinness World Records, the main part of the pizza (the rest has been donated for the charitable activities) was offered for free to the people visiting Expo and attending the Record.

The result was achieved thanks to the decisive role of La Pizza +1 who provide the dough (made with the innovative yeast LPZ + 1 that we are imminently launching) , design and produce special and dedicated mobile ovens and the extremely long pan together with taking charge of the overall organization of this demanding and challenging project.

Other organizations have collaborated with us. To be quoted the NIP (Italian association of pizza chef) and the Tomato World Week that, together with us, are the official holders of the Record.
La Pizza + 1, undisputed Italian specialist of rectangular pizza and focaccia pan, had to be necessarily the main actor of this success.

We are particularly proud to have allowed to bring back in our country this record for a product so crucial in our food traditions.