SIAL 2012 News

SIAL 2012 News 

La Pizza + 1 launching at Sial 2012 with a variety of new products: 3 innovative products, in pure “+1” style, testifying to the Italian company’s ability to stay in step with the times, without ever compromising traditional values. The latest news is the packaging in all different sizes of pizzas and focaccias, from the basic lines to the Bio lines and those with alternative flours.


A simple and very versatile product, also ideal for preparing focaccia, piadina, fried gnocchi, calzone.

In these times of crisis families are rediscovering the joys of home cooking. La Pizza +1 has formulated a recipe for preparing fresh dough using extra virgin olive oil that can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 30 days. 

Consumers can therefore skip the long times usually needed for kneading and leavening, and dedicate themselves to easier and quicker rolling of the dough and preparation of the pizza.

The product was extensively studied with the collaboration of university level scientific laboratories, and is differentiated from those products already present on the market due to two primary features:

1. It does not contain ethyl alcohol, since conservation of the product is guaranteed through optimum hygiene and sanitary conditions during processing;

2. The dough has excellent leavening quality similar to that of handmade dough in pizzerias, very different from other products found today on the market, which often have very low quality cell structure.


From the most fertile soil in Emilia, here is a product which is the result of a very brief supply chain: in fact, all of the ingredients in this red pizza are produced by companies located within close proximity of La Pizza + 1.

This means that the product can be entirely tracked to its source, with direct control over all of the supply chain phases and the typical flavor of authentic tomatoes and garlic that have made Emilia the land of sauces.

Prepared with only Italian extra virgin olive oil, this pizza does not contain any animal fats and is therefore perfect for vegetarian and vegan diets. 


Following the Bio line and the pizzas with KAMUT and spelt, here is another new item that is once again the perfect combination of longstanding tradition and the contemporary demand for a quick product. Easy to prepare, crispy and tasty, this focaccia is an excellent source of fiber. Ready to eat as it is, or with toppings as desired, it can be a low calorie, healthy breakfast or lunch. With the simple addition of extra virgin olive oil, it is ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets.


Total restyling for the La Pizza +1 labels: maintaining visual and communicative harmony  with the past, and with some of the communicative elements that distinguish the company in the market, this new graphic presentation aims to unite modernity and tradition, keeping legibility as a top priority and providing extensive information for the end consumer. The nutritional values tables are also changing, and will provide a clearer, cleaner representation of data; the section relative to the preparation methods for various products has also been updated: in the oven, on the stovetop or on the barbeque grill. Finally, always in the scope of a closer connection with the end consumer, some recommended uses for the focaccia were also added, from topping to salads, appetizers and croutons.