Our history

In 1996 Ludovico Sante, Domenico’s son  –  an entrepreneur who was renowned in Italy for having created one of the most famous mozzarella brands in Italy back in 1948  –  decided to launch a new venture:  "creating" the market for fresh rectangular pizzas. At that time rectangular pizzas were only produced by local bakers. So there was no national market for these products, but only numerous small local markets.

Exploiting his knowledge of the fresh product market, Ludovico Sante applied himself to setting up a pizza production plant that, although small in size, would be able to produce large volumes of product so as to serve large clients all over Italy. Although small, the plant was therefore equipped with all the leading-edge production technologies.

Going for Quality

The factory of Gariga di Podenzano (PC)The Company’s original staff comprised 8 production operatives and 2 employees. The up-and-coming La Pizza + 1 filled the empty market niche between the large industrial productions of frozen pizza and the tiny craft productions. The rectangular format (up to then you could only find round pizzas for sale) and the storage at  0°-4°C were what distinguished the new Company from potential rivals.  Success arrived immediately and the product was included in the lines of some of the main Italian chain stores.  In these 12 years the turnover growth rate has always been over 20%, with peaks of 50% per year.

So the Company policy of prioritising quality rather than following the competition in their policy of pushing down prices has been rewarded.
The policy of continuous improvement, which the Company has upheld from the start, was acknowledged in 2001 when it received ISO 9001 certification, as well as when  the Commission Regulation EC 178/2003 became effective, with the adoption of 22005:07 (“Tracking systems in agricultural and food industries.”), which ensures that in a few minutes the customer is able to trace  all the raw materials used in the preparation of each item delivered.

OpeningIn 2004, in order to keep on top of an increasingly boisterous growth, the Company embarked on creating a new production plant, which became operative in June 2006. The factory is endowed with the most advanced equipment and designed to guarantee product safety, and meets the hygiene requirements of the all the international standards (BRC, IFS, ISO 22000), certifications that the Company was awarded in June 2007.

The initial personnel of 10 have grown to 50. Every day the Company produces a 5 km long ribbon of pizza. Having conquered the Italian market, from these new premises La Pizza + 1 is today ready to address the whole European market of fresh bakery products, including Eastern Europe (in fact the Company has also received the necessary certification to export food products to Russia). We have also been encouraged by the gratifying responses received from our clients in the French, Swiss and Swedish markets.